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This is a program of, a Basque-speaking multimedia journalistic experiment on new technologies wich consists of a weekly live radio show and a weblog. Here we write an excerpt on each week’s show and podcast it in mp3 format.

The show was broadcasted live every wednesday at 13:00 Western European Time (GMT +1 in winter / GMT +2 in spring-summer) on Bilbo Hiria Irratia, a Basque speaking radio station based in Bilbao. We deal with everything related to the Internet, new technologies, music and social issues, focusing mainly in what we consider interesting for our small Basque-speaking community. are Patxi and Jabi at the microphones and sound technicians Ekaitz and Ibon at the control desk.


Our podcast in


Patxi Gaztelumendi eta Jabi Zabala

Patxi Gaztelumendi eta Jabi Zabala

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